Auf Wiedersehen

February 13, 2008

I haven’t had cable since I left home 5 years ago except for a brief stint in New York where me and my hubby engaged in watching the Food Network everyday. Therefore, I’ve never been able to watch Bravo which has a little show called Project Runway on it. Okay, it’s not little, it’s really popular but I’ve never seen it (up until three weeks ago that is). That’s where the beloved Denver Library comes into play. They have all three seasons on DVD and yes I’m almost done with season 2. I love it! And unlike other reality shows like American Idol, I have no idea who wins each season so it’s still enjoyable to watch. Today while I was exercising I found myself jumping up in down in anticipation of the DVD player loading so I could watch another episode. If you like fashion at all you should watch it, but be aware a lot of the designs are crazy ugly and it is a fairly girly show.

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