Double Dooce

February 19, 2008

If you haven’t noticed (the two people who actually might look at this blog) I’ve added a few links. One of my favorite sites for a good laugh is called Dooce. Apparently, a few years back when blogging was just becoming popular, Heather Armstrong (the creator of Dooce- pronounced deuce) wrote a few things about the place she worked on her blog and then got fired because of her comments. She got a lot of attention for it and her site took off. She now just blogs as a full time job. The reason it continues to be popular is because she is a really funny writer and she always posts really great photographs. I like her style. These are pictures of her office that I really like. One feature I also really like about her blog is once a month she writes a letter to her daughter. You can read one here. I think this is a great idea so that your kids can have them to read when they are older.

FYI: Dooce loves her dogs. I’m not really into pets in general so I usually skip over all dog love posts. Also, Dooce is a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She occasionally makes fun of the church and BYU. However, her family is still members so she is still somewhat respectful.

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