I’ve never met a Toby that I didn’t like

February 22, 2008

This is Toby, the cutest nephew I girl could ever have. His mom, my oldest sis, requested that I think of some ideas for his room. Now, I’ve thought of a lot of ideas this week, so brace yourself. I’m not saying that all of these ideas need to be implemented because that would result in a room of total chaos, I’m just giving Michelle a lot of things to pull from. So here we go!

I love the idea of having a mobile hanging up. Here’s some ideas on how to construct one yourself. Doesn’t Gina know how to do orgami? The first one you can buy at this store.

I think there definitely needs to be shelves with cute pics, books and fun little items on them. A homemade sock monkey is definitely in the works from me.

Speaking of fun prints, I’ve found a few. Wouldn’t it be great to have cute framed book covers. The Barbar one is especially colorful. (These can be found on allposters.com)

I love this print although it is pricey. They also have cute number cards that are cheaper and could easily be framed.

It’s not the dresser I’m liking in this picture, it’s the framed print. It glows in the dark to show dinosaurs made from the stars in the sky. You can see more of the artist’s prints here, sadly most of them are sold out but there will probably be more coming. Once again, a little pricey but really cool.

Wow, wouldn’t a colorful alphabet be fun? Another DIY project.

Okay, just one more. I think the idea of chalk board paint is super cool. Even if you just did a small square on the wall or the closet. A fabric covered bulletin board is also easy to assemble or a framed magnetic board to display T’s art.

Okay people, now tell me what you think!



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