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February 28, 2008

I’m feeling slightly inspirationless today so I’m going to tell a funny story instead of the usual.

I love Oprah. I love Oprah so much that I own her dvd set. I love Oprah so much that when her ticket phone lines were open this month (a rare occurance) I called nearly 500 times in one day. I love Oprah so much that when her magazine came in the mail the other day I marched around our house holding it above my head and singing a song I made up.

So here’s the story- last year Ryan and I were at the Provo post office (not the NY or Chicago post office where this could occur, but the Provo post office.) He jumped out of the car to drop something off while I waited. When he got back in the car he said that their was a woman in a parked SUV that looked exactly like Oprah, in fact he thought it might be Oprah. I laughed and we started driving off but then he convinced me that I needed to go check for myself, in case it was really Oprah. Okay, I convinced myself that I needed to make absolute sure it wasn’t really Oprah. So I got out of the car and pretended I was going into the post office just so I could glance into the SUV. I got all excited like it was really going to be her. When I looked into the car to my surprise I saw a woman who wasn’t even black and looked absolutely nothing like Oprah. I was heartbroken. Thanks a lot Ryan.

While I’m speaking about Oprah there’s another funny story involving her. One Christmas I was watching the E! True Hollywood Story of Oprah thinking that if other people wanted to watch something else I would change it. Pretty soon both my parents and my sister and her husband started watching it with me. My dad (who’s known for avoiding things like this) seemed really enthralled with the entire show. I didn’t have to change the channel once.

BTW, the picture is one of my favorite covers of her magazine. When I got this issue I laughed out loud. I love the fact that she’s on the cover of everyone of her magazines because if I had my own magazine, I would do the exact same thing.



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