Monday, Monday

March 31, 2008

(Om Home)


(Three Potato Four)

Blah! That’s how I’m feeling right about now and to top it all off later today we have a team building exercise at work. How’s that for a Monday?

There is one thing on Monday that always makes me happy, the Design Sponge sneak peek. Design Sponge is the online Bible for anybody in the design world. I would like to pretend I’m part of the design world but that’s just my imagination talking. Even if you have no style whatsoever, this blog is the place to go for ideas. Every week she posts pictures of somebody’s home who has style coming out of their ears. If you looking for a fun way to waste time, check out some sneak peeks here. The above pics are from some of my favorite sneak peeks.

My new motto

(picture taken by Nicole Hill)

Best Idea Ever. Period.

March 30, 2008

Sure this would result in several stitches and accidents but it would make you the coolest parents on the block.

(from The Family At Home)

Fashion Friday

March 28, 2008

I remember in high school my best friend, Katie Stukey, and I both had these heather grey t-shirts that we wore to every sleep over. Hers said Great Falls High Cheerleading Camp on it and my was and old GFHS track shirt that belonged to one of my older sisters and had been passed down. We loved them because they were that super soft fabric that was worn a little bit. If you were lucky you would find one at a thrift store but they just didn’t sell good quality t-shirts like that anymore. Then, last summer I entered a store called American Apparel and my life changed. American Apparel sells all your basic stuff in every color that you can possibly imagine. Some of their stuff is a little whack, like their body suits, and their advertising is a little alternative but they do sell the most comfortable, bestest, my most favoritest t-shirt of all time that’s exactly like the holey shirt I had in high school. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, THE TRI-BLEND SHORT SLEEVE WOMEN’S TRACK TEE!

Katie Stukey, you know what you’re getting for your birthday this year.

Blame my dad for my cheapness

March 27, 2008

I’m somewhat cheap. I usually never buy an item of clothing that is over $30 and right now our living room is furnished with something we found in the trash. I’m sure most people are aware of a little site called Etsy where you can buy/sell homemade stuff. I love to browse this site but I’ve actually only bought one thing on it so far. I have the tendency to look at the items I like and say, “I could make that for a lot cheaper.” Is this wrong?

Wouldn’t this poster make you happy every morning?

This one is actually more affordable. I would put it in a child’s room. I just have thing for sock monkeys.

I guess I also have a thing for Scrabble.(this one is actually from the Curiousity Shoppe but I could totally make it)

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