When it comes it makes me want to wail…MAIL!

March 7, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was and am still feeling under the weather but it’s Friday and things are going much better. I know all 3 of you check my blog daily and were disappointed when you didn’t get your daily dose of me. BTW, thanks for all the fun comments. They always brighten my day.

You know what I LOVE? Good old fashioned mail. An unexpected email is fun too but nothing compares to a random card in your mailbox from a fun friend or the next month’s issue of Domino. I rarely get anything fun in the mail so that’s why I love my reliable magazine subscriptions and I tend to apply to get free catalogs any chance I get. A good one to get is IKEA because it gives you hours of entertainment.

On the same note, I love when I find cute cards because I like to entertain the thought of buying them all and sending them to people I know every week so they can have the joy of getting something in the mail. Wouldn’t you just do a little dance if one of these cute little numbers showed up unexpectedly in your mailbox. I know I would and it would forever go on my fridge and continue to make me happy every time I looked at it.

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