A really important conversation

March 12, 2008

M: “Asparagus is kind of ugly. If asparagus was a person it would be… I don’t know. If strawberries were a person they’d be Angelina Jolie.”

R: “No, I don’t think she’s pretty.”

M: “What are you talking about? You can’t say that she’s not pretty. She may not be your favorite but you can’t say she’s not pretty. Who do you like, Natalie Portman? Okay, if strawberries were a person they’d be Natalie Portman.”

R: “Eghhh. You got to pick a classic beauty like Grace Kelly.”

M: “Okay, Grace Kelly.”

R: “No, strawberries are more cute. They’d be like you. You’re strawberries.”

M: “Well, what’s a pretty fruit.”

R: “Raspberries. Raspberries would be J. Lo.”

M: “What!? You like J Lo? This is a news to me. I can’t believe you like J Lo!”

R: (note- this was an awesome comeback) “Well you like her husband, Inglesias, or whatever.”

M: “No, she’s married to Marc Anthony. Good try though.”

Ten minutes later:

R: “I agree with Donald Trump on this one.”

M: “What?”

R: “He said Angelina isn’t a classic beauty.”

M: “Wow, I didn’t know that you would take our conversation so seriously.”



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