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March 19, 2008

I la la la love lists. I make lists for just about everything. I started a little notebook of lists in high school and I still add things to it. These lists range from the ordinary (Hates and Loves) to some a little bit more random (Times I’ve Laughed the Hardest). Since I’m feeling quite negative today I’m going to list my current hates:

• When somebody says “I want to eat him/her/baby” or “I could just eat him up.” They are usually referring to a cute child but I just don’t understand why you would say you would eat them. Do they look like a piece of food? Is food cute? I don’t really think food I eat is cute, besides nicely decorated cupcakes and maybe gummy bears.
• Jeff spelled Geoff
• Calling a woman college student a co-ed
• When babies or animals talk with adult voices (think Look Who’s Talking)
• Spitting in public unless you just ran a race
• Unorganized clothing stores

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