Blame my dad for my cheapness

March 27, 2008

I’m somewhat cheap. I usually never buy an item of clothing that is over $30 and right now our living room is furnished with something we found in the trash. I’m sure most people are aware of a little site called Etsy where you can buy/sell homemade stuff. I love to browse this site but I’ve actually only bought one thing on it so far. I have the tendency to look at the items I like and say, “I could make that for a lot cheaper.” Is this wrong?

Wouldn’t this poster make you happy every morning?

This one is actually more affordable. I would put it in a child’s room. I just have thing for sock monkeys.

I guess I also have a thing for Scrabble.(this one is actually from the Curiousity Shoppe but I could totally make it)



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