No Lost on tonight makes me want to cry

March 27, 2008

Today I will present you with another list I’ve come up with recently. First, I have a confession (this is related to the list). Whenever I’m in line at the store I look at the celebrity magazines. Usually I just browse the headlines and laugh but when it’s a really long line and the headline is “J Lo’s baby pictures!” I might just have to sneak a peek. I wish I didn’t fall into this trap but I do. With no further ado, today’s list:

Actresses who just bug me for no particular reason (some people-aka Jessica Simpson and the like- are left off the list because they are so obvious):

Eva Longoria
Ellen Pompeo
Amanda Bynes
Hayden Panettiere
Jessica Biel
Alexis Bledel (even though I love Gilmore Girls)
Ali Larter
Mariah Carey (is this an obious lister one?)

Does anybody else have certain celebrities who just bug them?



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