Fashion Friday

March 28, 2008

I remember in high school my best friend, Katie Stukey, and I both had these heather grey t-shirts that we wore to every sleep over. Hers said Great Falls High Cheerleading Camp on it and my was and old GFHS track shirt that belonged to one of my older sisters and had been passed down. We loved them because they were that super soft fabric that was worn a little bit. If you were lucky you would find one at a thrift store but they just didn’t sell good quality t-shirts like that anymore. Then, last summer I entered a store called American Apparel and my life changed. American Apparel sells all your basic stuff in every color that you can possibly imagine. Some of their stuff is a little whack, like their body suits, and their advertising is a little alternative but they do sell the most comfortable, bestest, my most favoritest t-shirt of all time that’s exactly like the holey shirt I had in high school. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, THE TRI-BLEND SHORT SLEEVE WOMEN’S TRACK TEE!

Katie Stukey, you know what you’re getting for your birthday this year.

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