Real Simple is my fave

April 30, 2008

I’ve already declared my love for magazines in general, but I really love Real Simple. It’s perfect for girls like me who don’t like to spend more than 1/2 hour on dinner and always like to take the easiest route possible. My favorite part of the entire magazine is the paper creations that introduce each section. I want to have dinner with Matthew Sporzynski so I can ask him to pass me the gravy and some of his talent.

(via A Little Sussy)

Neil Diamond is my fave

What can I say? I have a crush on Neil Diamond. He was so smokin on American Idol last night. And although there was a few unfortunate performances (my embarassment level was at it’s peak when Brooke sang I’m a Believer), I still appreciated the fact that the singer of such great hits as Sweet Caroline, Desiree, Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show and America was featured. Neil Diamond, you are and always will be, my fave.

Free Cone Day!

April 29, 2008

See, I told you it was a good day.

Right now

I’m loving this pic. (via Design For Mankind Ezine)

I’m considering buying this pretty print. A little more tame then my usual but so lovely.

I’m loving all things from Rock, Scissor Paper.

I’m using these pictures for inspiration for my apartment EXTRAVAGANZA! (pics found on Design Sponge & Marta Writes)

I’m looking forward to my birthday and for the York Peppermint Patties that are in my bag.

It’s a good day.

Small Cool 2008

April 28, 2008

Apartment Therapy is hosting a Small Cool contest with loads of pics of reader’s apartments that are under 850 sq feet. It’s just what I needed for inspiration to start my apartment-revamp/decorating/Craig’s List and IKEA find EXTRAVAGANZA, that officially began yesterday. The opening ceremonies included me with a pile of magazines and books sitting in my apartment and spatting off ideas while Ryan pretended to listen.

Check out the entries here. I think my favorite so far is International #10 Marcus & Mel’s Charming Flat.

Also from Apartment Therapy, the coolest suspended library I’ve ever seen. Even though it’s the only suspended library I’ve ever seen.

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