Grace, such an appropriate name

April 1, 2008

It seems like I make an awful lot of confessions on this blog but here goes another one. I stare. And it’s obvious. When we lived in New York it was especially bad because there are so many people to observe and sometimes you get really bored on the daily commute. The thing is, I only stare at beautiful people. I’m just intrigued by them and want to know what makes them so beautiful. I know there’s a whole science to it but part of me just wishes it was their make-up trick or hairstyle that I could adopt and instantly become beautiful. A few weeks ago Ryan and I watched Rear Window and I can’t stop thinking about Grace Kelly. Any way you put it, she was just truly beautiful. She really deserved to become a princess. Isn’t this picture just stunning? Man, I’m going through an Audrey/Grace faze. Pardon the lengthy post.

Another thought just came to my head. Ever since I was really young I always wished I looked like somebody else. Now I think about some of the people I wanted to look like and it makes me laugh. At some time in my life I wanted to look like: Melanie Griffith (just because she had my name), Lea Thompson (random), Kiera Knightly (that wouldn’t solve the flat chested problem), Britney Spears (yuck), Keri Russell (I loved MMC). This list could go on forever. I’m I the only one who has wanted to look like so many people? Lately I’ve been trying to quit doing this and embrace the fact that I’m quite unique looking. But if I had to pick one person I could look like and I could never change my mind about it, I would pick Grace Kelly. Classic and endless beauty.

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