38 days to go

April 2, 2008

I made a deal, with myself mostly but I made the stupid mistake of actually stating it outloud so now I’m obligated to keep it because somebody else is keeping me in check. The deal was that I wouldn’t buy any clothing items for myself until my birthday. A month and a half? That shouldn’t be hard, I’ve gone for much longer stretches then that. But now the new spring/summer fashions are taunting me and the first sales of the season are loading my email inbox. I physically have to shield my eyes as I walk by the clothing section in Target. Of course, in only a few days I will be starting the 30 day count down to the best day of the year and giving off loads of ideas for anybody who wishes to shower me with gifts. So I guess I can make it, but don’t be surprised if a whole new wardrobe is in my arms on May 10.

With that lovely introduction I going to share a little known online store. It’s called La Redoute. Sure the quality of the clothes is probably comparable to Forever 21 and some of their clothes/model poses look like they belong in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue but $16.99 for the above oh-so-flattering sweater!? I’m taking it, but not until my birthday of course.

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