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April 7, 2008

Does anybody really love going to work?

Does it really make you feel better to say (when looking at a perfect looking magazine cover) “If I had professional hair and make-up team and was air-brushed, I’d look that good too!”

Who is going to get kicked off Project Runway but more importantly, who’s going to win? (If you know the results to season 3, please do not spoil it for me or you will feel my wrath)

When will Project Runway Season 4 come out on DVD?

Is everybody getting married or having a baby besides me?

Will spring ever come? (and stop teasing me with random days of blissful weather)

Is it really necessary to be forced to change my password every month for my computer and you can’t use any of your 12 previous passwords and there has to be one capital letter and at least one number so I always forget the dang thing!!?

Man, life is hard.



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