April 10, 2008

That’s right my friends, one month until the most looked-forward-to event of the season. My birthday!!! Why do I get so excited about my birthday that I start counting down about 6 months in advance, you ask? It’s because if you build it up and make sure everybody knows then it can and will be an exciting day. You just have to make yourself believe you are that important to celebrate big. I already have the day planned out: delicious breakfast, outlet shopping, bike ride, delicious dinner, ice cream cake. Now, if you know me at all you know I love surprises so you’re probably thinking I’m taking all the fun out of my birthday by planning it myself. It’s okay, Ryan will think of at least one little surprise (don’t worry honey it doesn’t have to be big). I’m just taking the matter into my own hands for quality assurance reasons.

While contemplating the goodness of my approaching birthday, I thought of a great idea. For my birthday this year all I am asking for are shoes. Just imagine, if you have five people who give you presents for your birthday and they all give you a different pair of shoes!! Wouldn’t that be so blissful?! I know, I know what everyone who was planning on getting me a present is saying to themselves, “What the?! I can’t afford to give this little chump a pair of shoes? Who does she think I am, Bill Gates?” You also might be thinking, “Oh great, I already thought of something I was going to give her and now she’s asking for shoes!?” No worries, I will address these concerns. First, I’m not asking for designer shoes- you can get me flip flops for all I care. Plus, shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take for example above two little lovelies from Target both under $21. Second, if you already have something planned or really dread the idea of picking out shoes for me- no worries, just you thinking about the possibility of giving me a gift makes me happy already.

Please don’t take this post as being a greedy plea from yours truely. I’m just trying to help that’s all. And did I mention I love my birthday. And I’m a size 8.5(9 if they don’t have half sizes).



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