Trying to see the glass half full

April 10, 2008

Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this day since the writer’s strike started like a bazillion years ago. And then it was announced that there would be new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock and Scrubs starting April 10 and I thought, “Perfect, that also marks the one month countdown to my birthday.” And all week I’ve been dreaming about this day and barely containing my excitement and I woke up to this-

And I wanted to scream. As I walked to work I was getting slammed by the storm as my boots just happened to soak up all of the water leaving my feet still squishy and then a car passed me splashing up mucky muck all over me then I looked in the mirror and my mascara was all over the place and this perfect day I had dreamed up in my head has been ruined. I’m trying to stay positive but then all these negative thoughts keep coming to my head even about positive things. For instance- “Why is it that every tv show I actually like has to be on the same night? What am I going to do when Lost comes back on? That’s going to be like too much goodness all on one night!”

For everyone who is feeling extremely sorry for me at this moment, rest assured I will make it through this ordeal. And please ignore the upper left hand corner picture. White trash humor is definitely not my fave.

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