Miss U S of Plastic Surgery

April 14, 2008

When I was younger we loved beauty pageants. I should note, this wasn’t all of my sisters, mostly just Alicia and I. We would pick our favorites and cheer them on and give out own critiques and scores. We always joked that one of us could be Miss Montana because they were never quite that pretty. I gave up my dream of being in a pageant when I became a Mrs. but I do admit that my ears perk up when I hear that one is going to be on. On Friday Miss USA aired and I watched parts of the last half. I could barely stand it. Almost all of the top ten had breast enhancements and possible nose jobs. Ryan made the comment, “Why don’t they judge them on their natural beauty?!” So my question is, has it always been like this (loads of “enhanced” women) and I was just oblivious to it when I was younger? The above picture is of the winner, Miss Texas. I mistook it for an ad for Maxim.



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