Happy (Belated) Birthday(s)!

April 18, 2008

I am not the greatest sister-in-law. I’ve probably asked Ryan 20 times when his siblings birthdays are yet I always forget. You would think somebody that loves birthdays as much as I do would get on top of this, but I have failed. Yesterday, I missed beautiful Amy’s birthday and a few weeks ago I missed Janelle’s birthday. On top of that I’ve already missed two other of my in-law’s birthdays this year. Oye! I’ll make up for it somehow and vow to do better starting today. So, happy belated birthday to Amy and Janelle!

Reasons I love Amy:
She’s a super fast runner.
She never complained that we got married less than two months after her.
She’s super laid back.
She embarassed Ryan in front of me when we had barely started dating.
She told me that I looked in-shape when I was far from it.
She’ll play endless amounts of board games with me.
She’s super fit but loves to eat.

Reasons I love Janelle:
Seconds after meeting her for the first time she made me drive in the same car as her without Ryan so she could get the scoop.
She has great style.
She’s random like me.
She influenced Ryan’s music tastes for the better.
Her kids are hilarious.

Happy birthday you two! I couldn’t ask for a better family.

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