Martha Stewart is/isn’t my fave

April 22, 2008

I cannot deny that Martha has great ideas for pretty crafts, cleaning anything and everything and making amazing meals. I cannot deny that her kitchen ware and bedding are desirable. I cannot deny that she can pull off the most beautiful wedding out of thin air. I can, however admit that her on-air tv personality is drab, her magazine is sometimes a little too focused on boring things (like last months article on the history of umbrellas), and her meals are a little too time-consuming and expensive. Sorry, I had to say it. Now you all can send me hate emails.

All that being said, I keep on finding myself drawn to the May issue of Living. No, I’m not looking at Martha and her dogs, I’m attracted to the color scheme that screams “It’s summer! Break your apartment rules and paint those walls baby blue! Go buy yourself pretty flowers even though you have to debate whether to buy toilet paper or not because it’s expensive!” I might just go buy myself this issue because I like the cover that much although the inside will inevitably be too much about polishing your silver and buying the perfect $200/lb truffles.



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