Dear Marta,

April 28, 2008

Thanks for writing these words about law school on your blog.

people told us this time would fly by. i did not believe them. people told us that law school was the most memorable time of their lives. yeah right. people told us that the friends you make in law school will be your pals forever. hmm. doubt it. for some reason, 3 years ago, all of these romantic statements thrown our way were not the things i really wanted to hear. sure optimism is a good thing.. but sometimes you (i) need a bit of reaffirmation. you just want the cold hard truth. you want to hear that being poor sucks. you want to hear how being a law school widow sucks. you want to hear that you are saying farewell to your husband and tossing him into a pile of books. which will cost you a lot of money, by the way. you’ll want to hear that moving miles away from your family is super sad. you want to hear that attempting to support your two person family is really hard. you want to hear that you are the bomb dot com, hero of a lifetime to support your hubby through three years of law school. and you want to hear that your husband is a stud for heading back to school. you want to hear that this self-imposed torturous endeavor will pay off in the end. (and you will want a guarantee on that.) these are the kinds of things you wish people would say, but they don’t. so you simply jump in. luckily we had each other.

This is exactly how I feel. But by golly, we are almost done with the first year and it has gone by fast. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just filled with mounds of student debt.


a fellow law school widow

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