TAL is my fave

May 2, 2008

I have a somewhat lengthy commute because I choose to take public transportation. You may think this is my way of helping the environment, but in fact the two main reasons I take the bus are #1-Because gas is ridiculously expensive and #2-So I don’t come home cross everyday because I was stuck in traffic. To help pass the time you’ll often spot me looking like I’m too cool for school and listening to my ipod. I heart listening to This American Life. Sometimes it’s a little hit or miss but for the most part most enjoyable. I think my all time favorite episode is #339: Break-up (Act 1). Starlee Kine talks about when she breaks up with this guy and has a hard time dealing with it so she writes a break-up song. She actually ends up talking to and getting advice from Phil Collins. So classic. But wait, it only gets better. They then took her song and had a remix contest. My favorite entry was done by We Were Pirates. The lyrics are so amateur but I enjoy it oh-so-much. If you have a minute listen to the episode and song. I think you’ll be happy you did.

PS I realize that listening to This American Life is sort of trendy/liberal/I think I’m cool/alternative-yet-main-streamy thing to do but I don’t care. I never brag that I’m not a follower, I admit that I am.



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