Birthday Week!

May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my wonderful sisters Nicole and Karen. And, happy birthday today to Braden! So many birthdays!

Nicole is great because:
-she loves chocolate more than anybody I know
-she always makes divine desserts and really good food
-she always throws really fun partys
-she’s an excellent gift giver
-she’s a great mom
-she’s an amazing runner and athlete

Karen is great because:
-she’s also an amazing runner and athlete
-she has the cutest little girl and she was the first sister that I got to go to the hospital with when she had her baby
-her biggest canister in her pantry was filled with chocolate chips, not flour
-she calls just to tell you about a funny part of The Office
-she loves Outburst and makes us play it until we get on the high list
-she always changes the lyrics to songs and puts your name in them

Braden is great because:
-he is my first nephew (first boy in the family)
-he’s had a low voice and Brooklyn accent since he could talk
-he’s an amazing soccer player and super coordinated, a family trait that skipped me
-he’s always good for a laugh
-he requested to wear a tuxedo for my wedding

Last week was Elyce’s birthday and I love her lots too. I sorry I forgot to mention it Elyce, especially because you turned 12!

Elyce is great because:
-she is my first niece and her birth was one of the most exciting days of my life
-she is really beautiful
-she wore a tiara to school on her birthday so everyone would know
-one of her favorite things to do is to organize everything and anything
-she’ll watch High School Musical with me when nobody else wants to
-she always lets me stay in her room when I’m visiting

Sorry for the lengthy post but I love my family! I miss you guys and hope you all had a fun day!

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