Hey, it’s okay…

May 5, 2008

… to take a nap before bed so you have enough energy to get ready for bed
… to let everyone know when it’s your birthday (only 6 days to go!)
… to count the lettuce and tomato on your sandwich as a serving of veggies
… to think that chocolate covered raisins and dark chocolate almonds are good for you
… to eat a whole loaf of homemade bread in only two days
… to get quesy when you watched Jack have his surgery last week on Lost
… to take a really long time to order something at a restaurant and then eat half of your date’s meal
… to cheer for a team only because you like the color of their uniforms
… to be disappointed when the Relief Society newsletter forgot your birthday (so you pencil it in yourself)
… to admit that you’re having a good hair day

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