The Olympics are my fave

May 6, 2008

I have a little thing for the Olympics. Some might call it an obsession. I seriously get butterflies in my stomach thinking about how there’s only 93 days until the Beijing Olympics. I’m considering taking off the entire two weeks from work so I can go watch this year’s games on my parent’s bigscreen hi-def TV. I remember the summer of the Magnificent Seven gymnastics team, most of my family was camping when the whole Kerri Strug thing happened. One of my older sisters had been recording them for us and when we got home she was crying and told us we had to watch it right away. We were all in tears by the end. I can still name all of the members of that team and I think my sister still has the Wheaties box with their picture on it.

Anyway, while thumbing through my most recent Delias catalog (yes, the same Delias you liked when you were 12) I was more than excited to see a couple Olympic tees. I’m usually not one for logo tees, but when it comes to the Olympics, I’ll wear anything to show my pride.



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