Pippa Holt’s home is my fave

May 9, 2008

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So, I’m a little behind. I just checked out the Australia Vogue Living (Mar/Apr) issue out from the library and was thumbing through it on my lunch break. The magazine is now sitting on my desk open to page 136 and has been sitting like that for the last hour. It’s a feature on Pippa Holt’s (Vogue stylist) London home. Although she lives in London she’s from Australia which makes me wonder, “How come the Australians get the good looks, good accent and good style? Can’t they pass some of that to the Montanans out there?” I wonder if the library would mind if I just did a little snip snip because I have to add these pages to my design file.

PS I’m sure this has been blogged about already. Like I said, I’m behind.

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