Surprises are my fave

June 12, 2008

I first stumbled upon Surprise Bags in the party aisle at Albertsons. There’s a really long story behind it involving a really huge crush I had on a guy who eventually dated my best friend. I’ll spare you the details. I guess I just loved the idea of being surprised so I kept on buying them. This was in high school. Fast forward to yesterday when I was listening to NPR and the greatest story ever came on. They highlighted an online store called Something Store. Basically you just pay $10 and then they send you something, anything in the mail and you have no idea what it’s going to be. The priciest thing they gave out was a lap top computer. Oh my gosh, I want to do this so bad, even if I end up with a Chia Pet. I’m such a sucker for surprises.

PS I like how they clarify that they won’t send body parts, drugs or endangered species. Phew.



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