Summer TV is not my fave

June 18, 2008

We have three channels. We can not bask in the goodness of summer cable shows like Project Runway and The Next Food Network Star. No, instead we watch So You Think You Can Dance and Bachelorette until the summer ends and the glorious 30 Rock returns and then we purge of all the disgustingness that we put up with in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I embarassingly admit that I like these shows, they’re just not high quality.

Rest assured, I will not be watching these shows this summer:
I Survived a Japanese Game Show (I give this one about 2 weeks before they pull the plug)
Deal or No Deal (because it is on ALL THE TIME and it’s the same show EVERY TIME)
Wipe Out (I’m not really a fan of boys getting kicked in the junk humor)
Celebrity Circus (self explanatory)
Moment of Truth (is it really appropriate to applaud because someone answers yes to the question, “Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend while blaming your mom for not raising you right and eaten a whole carton of ice cream by yourself?)

I should probably go enjoy the great outdoors during the summer instead of complaining about the sad situation our TV is in. Bummed.

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