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June 26, 2008
Last night we watched Return to Me (a fifty cent library find) and I remembered how much I love that movie. Although I love both David D. and Minnie Driver in it my favorite part is the supporting actors. The old men and Bonnie Hunt and her husband crack me up. That got me to thinking about some of my all time favorite movies. I’m going to share them with you and hope in return, you share some of your faves with me.


Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Rome. Perfect.

The Quintessential Girly Movies

Pride and Prejudice. I never used to be one of those girls. You know that ones that have read P&P thousands of times and dream of marrying a Mr. Darcy. And yet I fell in love with this movie and now might be one of those girls.

Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan, America’s sweethearts. Too bad Meg has now overdone the Botox.

Little Women. I love the relationship between the sisters probably because I have six sisters of my own.


Aladdin. Abu is favorite character.

Ones guys can appreciate too

Ocean’s Eleven & Sneakers. I just love how clever these ones are. George Clooney and Robert Redford don’t hurt either.

Ones I love because of the memories they evoke although slightly embarrassing

Never Been Kissed. I got to say not really provoking material but the memory of seeing it in the theater three times, falling in love with the English teacher and celebrating Never Been Kissed day makes me still love this one.

National Treasure. Nicolas Cage is so embarrassing but the first time I saw this movie I was so excited that they actually found the treasure that I just wanted it all to be real.

Movies I loved at the time but if I watched them now I might hurl

A Walk to Remember. I was 15 when this movie came out. I loved Mandy Moore. I sobbed during the entire movie. Please, forgive me.

Super Mario Brothers. One of the first movies I saw in the theater. We immediately ran home and played King Koopa vs Mario & Luigi.

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