The worst part of the day

July 2, 2008

I work in a fairly small office so we don’t have our own bathroom. Unfortunately that means in order to go to the bathroom you have to walk for about 100 feet in front of a glass office filled with people who obnoxiously stare at you as you pass. Right when you think you’re home free you turn the corner for the last final steps to the bathroom and you directly face a man sitting in his glass front office carefully monitoring the bathroom traffic pattern. When you actually get to the bathroom you are in full panic mode trying to go as fast as you can so that those random people in the glass cube don’t have reason to make jokes about your bowel movements. I sware they have a poll going about how often my coworkers and I go to the bathroom in a day. This makes me never want to go to the bathroom and my bladder is paying the price right now. Dang, I wish I wasn’t so self conscious.



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