Absolutely willing, not willing is my fave

July 8, 2008

Since my hubby and I aren’t exactly settled yet we like to talk about where someday we might end up. We like this so much in fact that on our depressing ride home (Wyoming is not my fave even though I have sympathy on it from growing up in Montana) Ryan came up with a game called absolutely willing, not willing where one person lists off a geological location and the other person states whether they would be willing to live there or not. Capitivating, no? Well it must be a hot topic because this Forbes article about the top places to raise a family and this Best Life article about the same topic were some of the top picks on Kirtsy today. Some of the results were surprising. An Indiana county was ranked #1 on Forbes and that was one of my not willing picks. I was also surprised to see Billings, Montana as #3 on the Best Life list. That was on my maybe list but only because I hold a special place in my heart for Montana. Sometimes I wonder where they come up with these lists. I’m thinking about publishing one of my own about where are the most disgusting rest stops in America because I’m pretty sure I visited the #1 pick this weekend.

Did I just bore the pants off of you? Sorry. Would you have rather discussed what happened on the Bachelorette last night? Me too. Call me.

So, the question is out there- where are you willing and not willing to live?



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