Kelly is my fave

July 13, 2008

Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world! Kelly is my fave for the following reasons:

-she let me stay with her for a whole week in high school and we watched made for TV Disney movies the whole time
-we’ve shared not only a queen but a twin bed on more than one occasion
-she rented the really bad Britney Spear’s movie Crossroads with me
-she married her high school sweet heart who I love
-she is the most frequent commenter on this blog
-she used to go with me to TCBY almost everyday
-she’s really good at impressions and does hilarious voices
-she always will tell me what the benefits of having a small chest are and gives me pep talks
-she wants to start a fan club for my family
-she loves the Olympics almost as much as I do and we made “I heart the Olympics” t-shirts together
-she thinks I’m way cooler than I really am
-one time when she broke up with a guy she promptly came to my house and we went to Target to buy office supplies together
-she used to have a furry white vest and to make me laugh she marched around in it and running tights
-even though I always beat her at Scattorgories she’s still always willing to play with me
-she wasn’t afraid to approach Anne Hathaway and NY and ended up hugging and dancing with her

Oh my gosh, this list could go on forever. I’m cracking up just thinking about all the memories I have with you Kel. I love you and miss you and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!



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