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July 18, 2008
It’s only three weeks until Michael Phelps will be wearing his uba-tight swimming suit just a little too low for the viewer’s comfort and we’ll all get to hear Paul Hamm’s unusually high voice again. Four weeks! We’ve got some party planning to do.

Torch invites and Olympic rings cake

Olympic torches made from rice krispies and ice cream cups

DIY medals made from cupcake liners

Olympic rings cupcakes

Olympic fruit pizza (sorry if you’re having Olympic rings overload)

Customizable fortune cookies in the colors of the Olympic rings. Just think about all the great messages you could put in there like, “Go for the gold,” “There will be a surprise upset in the women’s 400 m run,” “Michael Phelps will ask you on a date in the near future,” “Bob Costas will tell a touching story that will make you cry within the next week,” and “Someone will hit their head on the diving board.”



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