Dear it’s one week until the Olympics,

August 1, 2008

I can hardly wait for the two weeks of festivities. It almost feels like Christmas except Santa Claus looks suspiciously like Bob Costas.

Dear Ryan,
I think your love of tennis has gone a little too far. Did you seriously check out Wimbledon featuring the most painful actress of all time? Me, lover of all really embarrassing movies, fell asleep 5 minutes into it.

Dear Summer,
Please never go away. I’m just not ready to give up sleep overs in the living room, bike rides and frozen custard.

Dear Michaels,
Do my eyes deceive me or do you already have Halloween decorations up? Please see above letter.

Dear Project Runway Season 4,
I know I’m behind but did you really pick Christian as the winner? I think overly skinny, tanaholic Posh Spice was behind all of that. I guess he was good, but Rami’s was prettier.

Dear Readers,
I love your comments. I’m attention hungry. Please leave more.

Yours Truly,

Today I wore jeans that were newly washed and they’re a little tight



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