Easy change wallpaper might just be my fave

August 1, 2008

It’s clear that wallpaper is making a major comeback. I’m in love with the bold graphic patterns but I’m afraid if I actually tried it out it would turn out to be like my sister’s prom dresses where we’re all saying, “What the h- was she thinking?” I was tipped off by a friend about easy change wallpaper (the name speaks for itself) a little while ago but when I looked at the patterns online they were all hospital roomish with names like Faux Marble #25689XYB, and Picturesque Marmots so I was turned off. Jordan over at Oh Happy Day checked into it a little bit more and found that not all of the patterns are as chug-tastic as once assumed. She found this bold, graphic one at Sherwin Williams which I’m enjoying oh so much. When you get sick of it, you tear it down. Easy peasy.

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