Tuesday night dates are my fave

August 6, 2008

Go ahead and make fun of my whiteness but I love documentaries. Actually, that’s a little too general. I’m not really into documentaries about wars and things, like the forever long one my parents made me watch about Gettysburg before we went there. No, I like documentaries along the lines of Spellbound and Wordplay. Last night we got free passes to American Teen which follows 4 teens during their senior year of high school. I just loved it. It was nothing like the crap that MTV puts out there where you know it’s completely scripted, it was so relateable and not over dramafied. I found myself rooting for the teenagers and I wanted to cheer at the end of it but I refrained because that’s just embarrassing. Also, there was a girl in the audience who was wearing a fake mustache like it wasn’t weird.

Watch the trailer here.

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