Dear Designers,

August 8, 2008

When I heard that the challenge was to design an Olympic opening ceremonies outfit words can not describe how excited I was. “This will be my favorite challenge yet!” I exclaimed. Little did I know that you were almost all oblivious to the fact that these outfits were supposed to be intended for athletes, not for a 6 foot, anorexic member of the stewardess-matronly-garden party-tea drinking club. As your unrealistic designs walked down the runway the smile disappeared from my face and was replaced by me shouting at the screen, “What the h- were you thinking? That’s not going to fly with a 4’8″ gymnast or a 200 lb shot put thrower! I should be the designer here! I should be the guest judge!” But alas, I can’t sew and I don’t have any credentials so instead I will watch each week proclaiming that I know better than top American designer Michael Kors and go back to shoving my face with ice cream in my ratty t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Better luck next week and happy opening ceremonies day.


a true Olympic fan



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