Olympic Gold

August 14, 2008

I’m trying to scheme my way into the Olympics. The only way I could be an athlete is if I took up shooting, curling or lost enough weight to be the person on the row boat who yells. Since these are the most feasible but still far from my reach, I make myself feel better by playing the game Olympic Gold. Here it goes.

If the Olympics added these sports, I would win Olympic gold:
-most crepes eaten in one sitting
-adjusting the antenna on top of the tv for best reception
-being late to the bus stop
-taking the longest time on the cereal isle at the grocery store
-knowing all the words to Neil Diamond’s America
-falling asleep the fastest
-list making
-waterslide riding
-Target shopping

What sport would you win Olympic gold at?

(pic Halloween 2005, wow my mouth is big)



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