Lists are my fave- Rachel

August 18, 2008

Hooray for lists! This week is going to be chock full of them. I start doing an embarrassing little dance when I see new lists in my inbox so keep them coming.

First up is Rachel’s fave list. Although I was barely introduced to Rachel and her blog Heart of Light, I’m already totally crushing. Besides the things on this list, she loves baking and Project Runway so I’m pretty sure we’re new BFFs. Rachel- feel free to send me one of your delish baked items any time. I love her picks, I hope you do too-

1. Czech beer – specifically Staropramen Cerny, super dark and delicious
2. White coats (from J. Crew)
3. Good cheese
4. Expensive tea (Harney and Sons)
5. Becky Kelso’s rings (from here)
6. Whitney Smith’s pottery (Whitney Smith)
7. Benetint – my longest lasting make up love affair (Sephora)
8. Wide legged pants (from Anthro)
9. Fresh Sugar Lychee Shower Gel (available here)
10. Pre-loved books



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