Fave List #2- Katie

August 19, 2008

Today’s list comes from somebody I actually know, Katie. I met Katie about a year ago just chumming out in Denver while our husbands attend incredibly expensive schools. Katie is one of the most domestic women I know. She can literally whip up a dress in 2 hours and still have time to make a 5 course meal. So some of her faves will come as no surprise. I especially like #6. Enjoy.

1. My Lululemon Be Still pants that I wear all the time
2. Martha Stewart Living Magazine
3. Asics shoes (I need a new pair here soon and am so excited about picking out some runners)
4. Ikea duvet covers
5. Cafe style curtains. And not just in the window, in place of cabinet doors too!
6. Breakfast at a restaurant.
7. Fabric, sewing patterns, and a sewing machine (and a serger if available).
8. Nike + iPod
9. Old vintage books from my Gramma that are pro-feminism in a 1930’s-40’s way.
10. Denver. And all the good that comes with it like friends, converted family, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie….

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