Fave Olympic Athletes (and one broadcaster)

August 19, 2008

Right now my heart still hurts from the events that transpired in the women’s uneven bars. So to make us all feel better, let’s talk about a few athletes that we just love.

Thank you Jason Lezak for swimming the best race of your life when it all really counted. You put the French to shame.

Thank you Dara for just being so darn nice and gracious even when you barely missed the gold.

Thank you Jennifer Stuczynski for only doing the pole vault for 4 years and winning a silver medal. Maybe I do have hope of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Thank you Leszek Blanik for pulling out a picture of your son when you won the gold medal and kissing it.

And thank you Cris Collinsworth for being so darn likeable. When I was 12 I had a crush on Stone Phillips. My newscaster crush has now transferred to Cris Collinsworth. I think it might just be because I want free access to the best Olympic events.

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