List Love- (another) Rachel

August 20, 2008

Today’s list comes from another Rachel that I’ve never met but I know we would be friends in a heartbeat. How can I tell you ask? Just look at this list. She’s a girl with good taste. Check out more of Rachel’s style on her blog.

1. I love everything Bob Dylan, but Another Side of Bob Dylan is my absolute fave. If I could pick a soundtrack for my life, this would be it.
2. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. The best program on public radio and the best part of my Saturday morning.
3.Succulents. I love to bring in my little green/gray chicks and tuck them in terrariums, pretty little bowls, and terracotta pots.
4. Shep Salon + Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine. Every time I leave Shep Salon I always feel interesting and super hot, which has become increasingly important as I’m pretty sure that I traded my hotness for breastfeeding straight across the board. Their stylists are incredibly talented, kind, and give killer hair cuts. My stylist, Meredith, was the first person to recommend Brilliantine. What a brilliant product. You can even go to bed with your hair soaking wet,use a little of this miracle cream the next morning and you will leave the house looking hot. Super hot.
5. Garlands + Bunting. Nothing fills my heart with more joy than a garland swooping across my living room. I have three swooping right now.
6. Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. Every year, when winter feels like it’s holding on just a little too long, I find this book and it makes even the dreariest days golden.
7. Haagen Dazs Hawaiian Lehua Honey and Sweet Cream Ice Cream. Perfect with a seasonal fruit tart…..yum.
8. Nudes. I have a thing for nudie art… husband thinks I’m a little pervy, but I just love the shape of the human body.
9. Yoga. Stretching + deep breathing = my kind of exercise. (editor’s note: how adorable is that image of the baby doing yoga!?)
10. French Teatowels. Absolutely beautiful.



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