Lists are my fave- Jackie

August 21, 2008

This is my reaction when I first read this list- “Agreed. Yes. Love it. Me too! Exactly. Mmmmhmmm.” I’m so happy Jackie decided to participate because not only is her list tops, she has a great blog too.

1. Lollia Wish No. 22 Candle- the most heavenly scent in the world and in the prettiest glass container.
2. Black Sweaters-You can never go wrong with a black sweater!
3. Calendars- I am obsessed with calendars. I really don’t know why. I have one in practically every room. Currently loving all the wonderful desk calendar options on etsy.
4. Peacocks- Just smitten with these lovely birds.
5. White Pottery- I have quite the collection going. I also just love white in general. It’s definitely my favorite color
6. The Eiffel Tower- No, I have never been to Paris, but a girl can dream. The image evokes such a magical, dramatic, romantic feeling.
7. Sewing- I’m not the best at it yet, but I have high hopes!
8. ‘While I Was Gone’ by Sue Miller-A book I enjoyed so much, I would actually like to re-read it if I had the time.
9. Crayons- Coloring with my daughter is so relaxing.
10. Dahlias- A group of these lovely flowers on my kitchen table every day would make me very happy.

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