Being told I look like an Olympian is my fave

August 22, 2008

I know, I know, three posts in one day is a little overkill. I just have a few comments to make about the Olympics.

– My family thinks I look like Allyson Felix. That’s funny, the last time I checked I wasn’t black nor did I have the flatest stomach known to man and chicken legs.
– The US is kind of sucking it up in track and field. I was about to turn off the tv when both the women and men dropped the baton. Practice much?
Jeremy Wariner is kind of a jerk. Did you see the interviewers face after Jeremy got mad at him? That was priceless. I’m very happy about the 1-2-3 finish, especially the diving action at the end.
– Did you see the latest medal count? What’s up now China!

Happy Friday. Stay tuned next week for another week of lists and an official ‘best of the Olympics’ post.



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