Monday List Love

August 25, 2008

Well hello Monday and hello to a new week of lists. Today’s list is brought to you from the delightful Kerri who was one of the first people that commented who wasn’t a family member so she’s basically my favorite. If you want to get on my good side, just comment on my blog and tell me how awesome I am. You’ll get a birthday card from me for the rest of your life. Kerri couldn’t just limit her list to ten so you get an bonus 2 items on the list today! After looking at all these lists my list is up to about 200 happy things.

The List:
1. David Sedaris, the greatest author of all time. Every single one of his books have had me doubled-over laughing almost entirely from beginning until end.
2. Polaroid One Step. No explanation necessary.
3. The Beatles. I can be in the worst mood EVER, put on The Beatles and no matter what, can’t help but to smile!
4. Häggen-Dazs Banana Split ice cream – if you’ve tried it, I’m assuming you understand why. If not, get out there and get some, your whole life will change!
5. Sushi. Mmmmm.
6. Dior Beauty. A bit pricey, but for how long it lasts & the quality, I’d say it is well worth it.
7. But you still can’t say no to a classic – Great Lash Mascara
8. Dulces Vero Mango lollipops. Mango flavored hard candy lollipops coated with chili. Delicious!
9. Lots of flip-flops!
10. Coffee & Camels.
11. Disney Sing Alongs!
12. Sex and the City. Need I say more?



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