Dear readers who are Olympic fans (otherwise known as my family),

August 27, 2008
(our set-up during the entire two weeks- mattress in the living room, slightly shady reception, the works)

I feel like an Olympic failure. The last week of the Olympics I barely posted about them and they’ve now been over for 4 days now and I still haven’t come up with the promised Olympic roundup. I’m still in the denial stage of grief. WHY, I ask the universe, does everything have to happen all at once and then dissipate so quickly? I’m having a hard time coming up with words that can describe the last two weeks of ultimate goodness. For some reason, “They were cool” and “They were good” just isn’t cutting it. So all I’m going to say is they were so great that things were thrown at the TV, and tears were constantly streaming down my face, and I felt more patriotic then somebody dressed up like Uncle Sam on the 4th of July, and I jumped on my bed out of excitement, and I sacrificed precious sleep for you, and my stomach was in knots for the athletes and I felt like I knew each one of them personally. Vancouver or bust my friends.

(and while we’re at it…)

Dear NBC,

I understand that your inspirational Olympic moments broadcaster, Jim McKay, is no longer with us. I cannot tell you enough how much his presence and his segments were missed at these games. So, NBC, I propose that you hire me to thoughtfully construct these segments so that Jim’s memory will live on. I can start at your earliest convenience.


Melanie (I don’t have a broadcaster’s voice but you can dub over it and I won’t get offended) Blodgett



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