List Love- Elena

September 5, 2008

Ahhh, yes, another fantastic list to celebrate this Friday. This one comes from Elena (what a pretty name) who is in need of a little help. She just started her blog and wants to rename it to something sassy. I’ve started to brainstorm but if you have any suggestions, send them on over. After taking in this list, I want to go snuggle with a comforter while eating brinner and watching Project Runway and getting a facial. I love it.

1. Cracking the sugar on a fresh creme brulee
2. the smell of fresh clean laundry
3. my fluffy down comforter
4. snuggling with my nephew
5. my grandma. best. lady. ever.
6. Pink pajamas from VSecret
7. Guilty pleasure reality shows (Flipping Out, The Hills, Rachel Zoe, Sunset Tan…)
8. spa treatments
9. sushi!
10. when my pictures capture that perfect moment
11. breakfast for dinner
12. Jack Rogers shoes



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