List Love- Sarah

September 11, 2008

Oh Sarah, how I miss you and our discussions of embarrassing TV shows and PMS. You are the best cubicle buddy, wedding photographer, lover of Target, Martha Stewart fan, fashionista, English accented friend a girl could ever ask for. You’re list is so very classy just like you. Thanks for sharing.

1. Pearls: they go with anything.
2. Black dress: it’s always ready and just waiting to be worn.
3. Michael Buble: has a song for every mood and season.
4. Muji Stationary: its simple, stylish and cheap.
5. White Towels: makes any bathroom look cleaner.
6. Platinum Ring: nothing says I love you more!
7. Target Shoes: going grocery shopping has never been so good.
8. Old Cameras: remind me that 3 credit classes studying film was worth it.
9. IMAC Keyboards: make me smile on a long day in front of the screen.
10. Black & White: eye candy…lets add that to No.3 too!



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