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September 12, 2008

The last of my college roommates with soon be entering a life of wedded bliss. Her matron-of-honor has enlisted my help for her bridal shower. I hope these ideas are helpful. I only pretend to be a party planner

All I can say is never underestimate the power of Target. Cute and budget friendly. The above picks are from Paper Source and Simple Song.

My advice is to stick with just one or two colors to keep it simple. I like white paper lanterns hung with fun ribbon in a cluster. You can also get crafty and make tissue paper pom-poms (how-to article here or you can buy Martha Stewart supply kits at Michaels or Walmart). Another simple idea is getting tea tins and filling them with flowers.

(above pics from Party Perfect and Martha Stewart)

More Decor and Food
I love the look of all white serving ware and vases. A good idea is to go buy 10 or so of the $2 bud vases at IKEA and fill them with flowers. Since they’re small, you only need one big blossom or some small daises to fill them. You can also browse your local thrift store for some white milk glass bowls for cheap.

My idea for food is to do some fondue and fixins. Load plates with bread and veggies to compliment a chesse fondue and then have fruit, pretzels and gummy bears to dip in chocolate. If you don’t have fondue gear, do some tea sandwiches and veggies and then a candy bar with glass dishes filled to the brim. I know how Megan loves Reeses.

(above pics from Hostess With the Mostess)

If you’re sick of the toilet paper wedding dress, maybe try one of these ideas.

#1 – Take a polaroids of the guests and then have them right down something they like about the bride, a good memory or some advice. Put it together in a book for the bride to go home with or hang them up in a clothesline fashion.

#2 – Make bingo cards and paddles (one side with the bride’s name, the other with the groom’s name) for each of the guests. Read off facts about either the bride or groom and the players indicate whom the statement is about. If correct, they place a chip on the square with the card’s number.

#3 – Have guests identify famous TV wives with their husbands.

(pics from Hostess with the Mostess and Martha Stewart)

Remember, this doesn’t have to be a 5 hour long event. People love parties but only if they don’t take up their entire Saturday. Eating, one game and present opening should take up enough time.

Remember how the best part of a birthday party when you were little was getting the gift bag at the end? For favors, I love the idea of homemade cookies in pretty little bags. If that’s a little too time consuming, simply wrap up the flowers used in the centerpieces with some parchment paper. Or, make a mix cd of some of the bride’s favorite tunes or love songs.

(flower pic from Frolic)



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