Infomercials are not my fave (yet I totally get sucked into them)

September 16, 2008

I think I’ve mentioned that we have 3 TV channels, 5 on a a good day. Saturday mornings are the worst. That’s So Raven is the best thing on. Wait, I take that back. Please don’t let me die knowing that I said that.

Infomercials are always the trusty stand-by. A couple of weeks ago I was picking up my phone to buy Susan Lucci’s Youthful Essence when I snapped out of it. I just COULDN”T BELIEVE THOSE RESULTS! and the price just KEPT ON DROPPING!

And more than once I’ve expressed my need to buy the GT Xpress Cooker when Ryan tells me that we have something in the kitchen identical to it. It’s called a sandwich maker and we NEVER USE IT!

Has anyone actually bought something from a infomercial? Did it meet your expectations?



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